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Monsummano Terme was born from the union of three antique communities of Monsummano, two of which, "Monsummano Alto" and "Montevettolini" were medieval villages, and the third with origins in the 16th century.
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monsummano alto torre

The Monsummano Hill rises from the northern edge of the Montalbano range where the Nievole Torrent flows onto the plain. Its characteristic conical shape reaches 340 meters above sea level.
The ancient castle on the top of the hill, is still protected by remains of the original elliptical walls in which you can see the ancient gates.

Montevettolini rises from the northern-west face of the Montalbano range about four kilometers from Monsummano Terme. Montevettolini is a typical medieval village with a square plan and crowns a hill 187 metres above sea level. The very fabric of this town shows traces of its medieval history particurlarly the square bordered by the church and the ancient town hall.